Wood Preservative ACQ Type

2011-04-12, 11:29

Wood Preservative ACQ Type

AMQUAT SS 211 is new generation wood treatment chemical which is non arsenic and chromium.AMQUAT SS211 is water borne wood treatment chemical.
AMQUAT SS 211 is based on ammonical copper quaternary.
Ammonical copper quaternary is made up of copper which is a fungicide and a quaternary ammonium compound which also augments the fungicidal treatment is a wood preservative.

Quaternary ammonium cations, also known as quaternary ammonium salts, quaternary ammonium compounds or "Quats", are salts of quaternary ammonium cations with anions.

Water-based preservatives like AMQUAT SS211 leave a dry, paintable surface. ACQ is registered for use on: lumber, timbers, landscape ties, fence posts, building and utility poles, land, freshwater and marine pilings, sea walls, decking, wood shingles, and other wood structures
Very strong affinity for surfaces
Low toxicity and biodegradable properties
High biocidal capacity
Ideal for above ground and ground contact applications.
Powerful surfactants
The quaternary ammonium compounds adsorb on almost any surface resulting in the formation of a monolayer.
The quaternary ammonium compounds contain a hydrophobic group
Good wetting and adhesion properties.
Very effective against brown rot, white rot, blue stains, insects, molds etc.
Penetrates deeply in wood and remain for a long time.
Environmentally advanced and friendly
Do not contain arsenic or chromium
Provides same level of protection to wood as CCA or CCB preservatives against decay, rot,
fungi and termite attack.
Highly cost effective.
Does not contain arsenic, chromium or other EPA classified hazardous chemicals.
Provides long-term protection from rot, decay and termite attack.
Can be used in environmentally sensitive settings.

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