Waterproofing Compounds

2011-04-12, 11:30

Waterproofing Compounds

Mr. Expert PBR is special polymer based single pack waterproofing membrane.
It is ideal for waterproofing of any surface which has moderate foot traffic.

Mr. expert PBR is used as waterproofing compound for slabs, terraces, balconies, basements, parapet walls, water tanks, Ac sheets, roofs, decks etc. etc. It is also used as bonding agent for old and new constructions.

Salient Features:
Easy to apply. Apply by brush.
Easy to maintain
No technical workmen needed.
Resistant to salty water, humidity and atmospheric changes
UV resistant
Excellent elastomeric properties.
Provides strong barrier for water and moisture
Low dirt pick up. Easy to clean
Tough but flexible
Can be used with reinforcing fabrics.
Good abrasion properties
Finest chemical resistance.
Excellent thermoplastic properties.
Fast drying
Freeze/thaw resistance.
No blistering, cracking and peeling.
Finest exterior durability
Fine adhesion properties.

टिप्पणी : यह फोरम इन वेबपन्नों को पढ़ने वाले लोगों के विचार प्रस्तुत करता है और टिम्बरपोलिस पोर्टल के संचालक प्रस्तुत विचारों की न तो कोई जिम्मेदारी लेता है और न उनका समर्थन करता है।